Wright interiors endangered

Neighbors working together to protect and preserve the world-class Frank Lloyd Wright interiors of the Blossom and McArthur Houses in the historic Kenwood neighborhood of Chicago

Blossom House -- Frank Lloyd Wright 1892

Blossom House, 4858 South Kenwood Avenue, Chicago (1892)

McArthur House, Frank Lloyd Wright

McArthur House, 4852 South Kenwood Avenue, Chicago (1892)

Kenwood’s Endangered Frank Lloyd Wright Houses

The Blossom and McArthur Houses in the Kenwood neighborhood of Chicago are important early designs of Frank Lloyd Wright, and their interiors are world-class works of art. The seeds of everything Wright eventually accomplished, from the Robie House to the Guggenheim, are already germinating at the corner of 49th Street and Kenwood Avenue.

At 122 years of age, both houses are now in need of substantial repair, inside and out.  Although the architectural features are still largely intact, extensive and expensive work is needed to bring them back to their original beauty. The two current families have lived in their houses since the mid-1950′s and are now ready to move on, leaving the care and restoration of these important houses to new owners.  Since the houses are in the Kenwood Landmark District, the City of Chicago will take responsibility that all future exterior work will be faithful to Wright’s original designs. But the interiors of the houses, which are by far their most important feature, enjoy no protection at all.

The presence of the Blossom and McArthur Houses significantly enhances the prestige of the neighborhood. The loss of the interiors, through neglect or thoughtless remodeling, would be a tragedy for American architectural history and a disgrace for Kenwood.

We are part of a group of neighbors working together to help find ways to preserve these important Frank Lloyd Wright houses.  If you would like to offer your support, please complete this form below.

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